Sunday, January 29, 2012

When the going gets invite the boats inside.

I can imagine few things more trying to the patience 
than the long wasted days of waiting.
- Robert Falcon Scott

"Yes, of course we feel so much better...just knowing that you're here with us.
How be I fix the four of us some nice hot, green tea? 

Honey and ginger for everybody?"
Well, I'm no Robert Falcon Scott, facing the unimaginable, frigid harshness of the unforgiving Antarctic wasteland, not to mention starvation, and exhaustion beyond..."beyond" - but I've had a rare bad cold this past week. 

The point is, we've haven't been able to get out paddling. I noted that a number of you haven't been able to get out either. For some it's been weather. For others, it's been impenetrable ice at the launch site. For still others, well, day time vocations do sometimes get in the way of a good paddling day. 

So, in our case, what to do? Well, eventually you just need to cosy up to something that will provide warmth, comfort, reassurance, and the promise of better days to come. So I, with my spouse's blessings, invited the boats inside. I certainly feel much better. It was also a good opportunity to do minor maintenance and adjust / tighten / change "rigging".

I recommend this course of action. No, not a cure for the common cold, but it helps with the "patience factor." One doesn't feel quite so far from the water. And sometimes it's nice just to sit in them...and visualize

Is this all rather strange? Some of you will understand. Some may even roll their eyes, but I will forgive you if you do. :)




  1. Perfect! Our rides are snuggled warm on their racks in the heated garage and a good thing too as our boat shed decided to dismantle itself last week during the wind storms. January has been a good time to check gear, buy more gear, work on personal gear (muscle toning)...... bring on February!!


  2. The gales sure blew through our waters here too. It's usually fairly guaranteed paddling as we're either in the lee of Saltspring or VI. We'll all assume Feb will ease up a little! Thanks for stopping by, Gecko. D.