Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Fog on the Salish Sea, a trail run, and more of nature's frozen miracles...

With sunshine forecast, we'd hoped to launch the narrow boats but the early morning fog pretty much eliminated all visibility on the sea and on the water around the Gulf Islands and islets. Fog horns from passing ships and ferries punctuated the still air. You can bet their radar systems were busy. So, can't waste any precious time on a day off so we needed a "Plan B" until the fog lifted.

A trail run - that's the beauty of Gabriola Island, there are always lots of other options for outdoor pursuits. As it turned out, the conditions were perfect for rare hair ice in the forest - low temperature and high humidity.

The Garmin 305 recorded 10.26 km with an overall elevation gain of 287.2 m over the route through the woods.

It was a pretty relaxed run as there were so many "hair ice" photo ops along the way. Besides, we had to conserve sufficient energy for paddling. Priorities.

Earth. There's no planet like least not one we've discovered yet. It's strange that the woods aren't ever crowded. It's even stranger that the shopping malls and casinos are.



  1. WOW! So many "hair ice" that you have come across. Robyn and I will have to keep our eyes open for this when we hike. No doubt we have possibly walked by them before while "caching".

    Great photos Duncan!

  2. Stunning stuff, I've not seen that kind of formation before. Seemingly it does occur in the UK at there's an image taken near Edinburgh on the BBC weather site at the moment.

    Very perceptive final sentence! :o)

    Kind Regards

  3. What beauty. As I am not a hiker I guess I have to rely on your photos. Enjoy.

  4. Yes Duncan I totally agree with that last sentence but I am so very thankful that they are not crowded as that would certainly take away from their beauty.
    Love the photos....amazing stuff that "hair ice!

  5. Hi Mark, I'll bet you and Robyn have some amazing opportunities out there geocaching. We'll need you to brief us on that activity too, sometime.

    Thanks Ian. I would think our climate is similar to many places in the UK, so it's there, I'm sure. Appreciate your comments.

    You have some wonderful "red rocks" where you are - and the desert beauty will be different but very, special. Thanks J.

    Good point, L. Maybe we should talk up the attractions of the indoor life and have the trails totally to ourselves! Haha.