Saturday, June 09, 2012

More mountain "elevation"...and a thank you.

"Ha Ling" peak (r), from the Canmore Nordic Center.
For reasons too complicated to explain, my head and my heart are back in the mountains. We were there, amidst those very peaks, just a few days ago. It was a very special time with family.

Not many years ago, Joan and I hiked, and then scree-scrambled, to the top of Ha Ling, the peak on  the far right of the image above. From the top, it felt like you could see forever. The complex terrain in every direction made complete sense from our high perspective.

At valley level, it can be quite a different story. It's possible to get disorientated, even lost, when the trail becomes unclear and you are "hemmed in" by forest and mountainsides. Getting some elevation can be the key to discerning where you are. I think it's the same in life.

It's been my experience that when the road ahead is not clear, it's essential to get some elevation, some new perspective. That's not always easy, but the effort is essential. We may achieve that "elevation" when we share our situation or our concerns with a trusted friend. It may emerge at some magical moment on a trail run, or in the pleasant effort of propelling the kayak, with a strong and even cadence. Sometimes, in the context of quiet and contemplative meditation, that moment of clarity suddenly surrounds and embraces us. "Elevation"...a key to finding our way. If the truth be known, when my heart and mind return from the mountains...I may try all of those strategies.

And yes, warm thanks to the folks at for including us on their Top 13 Favourite Blogs - we were quite tickled. Thanks also to blogging friend, PO, at Paddling Otaku for tipping us off about the news. Congrats to neighbouring Island blogs Gecko Paddler and John's Kayak Adventures - we probably all felt a little "elevation".



  1. Wow, that must have been an amazing hike! I can't even imagine the view from such a height.
    Congratulations on being in the Top 13! Your writing touches so many and gives us much to think about on this journey of life.
    p.s.Let me know when you are ready to take up meditation...I'll guide you along the way!

  2. It is a great hike, L. It's a long, uphill effort and it gets you breathing deeply but not really that difficult. As for meditation, you're right, it would be good to learn to sit still for awhile and just "be". :) D.

  3. That mountain..amazing feat!

    Thanks for the excellent words; too many people spend too much time in the valley.

    Food for thought again thanks!

  4. Thanks for that, Lee. You're so right about time in the valley...and all we have to do is look up, follow our eyes, and then gain the necessary perspective. And as an ancient mystic said, (Julian of Norwich), "all shall be well". D.