Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Umm...is that a submarine sailing by?

Against the backdrop of misty Howe Sound,
and the continent of North America.
We were just about to sit down to supper on the cabin deck, when looking out over the Salish Sea, I saw what appeared to be...a submarine. Hmm, a submarine?! That's a sight you don't experience very often. Wait a minute, I thought you weren't supposed to see submarines because they are... well, sub-marines.

Maxed out on the optical, so added a little digital zoom...
uh huh,  it's a confirmed "submarine sighting"
My second thought was, "Quick, where's the camera?", followed immediately by a third thought, "We really do need a camera with a longer lens!"

Let's face it, we have a bear on "predator-free" Gabriola Island, and now, submarines are cruising by. It certainly would be fun to get a picture of the bear. (Well..."fun" probably isn't the word.) It would be fortuitous get a picture of the bear but we don't really want to get all that close. And we can't get much closer to the sub. Even in the kayaks, propelled by a couple of superb Greenland paddles, it's got us beat - so yeah, we definitely need a longer lens.

I think I've finally justified a small photographic upgrade.

Oh, Joan, I was just wondering... :)


Image: An Upholder/Victoria-class submarine, Royal Canadian Navy.


  1. Haha...yes a shopping trip is definetly needed!
    Pretty cool to see that go by your place.

  2. Thanks L, that's two votes for the "upgrade". Now if the sub had been painted yellow, that would REALLY have been a photo op...especially with the crew standing on the deck singing, "we all live in a yellow..." :) D.

  3. Seeing as how we have the restricted military area known as 'whiskey gulf' on Gabriola's northern exposure, subs aren't too big a surprise.
    I had one cross my bow about 100M off once. Knowing their was enough weapons on that single vessel to destroy most of the planet gives one a strange sensation.

  4. Roger that, indeed you are correct. And if a submarine crosses the bow of my 18 foot sea kayak, I'm going to be one annoyed paddler, believe me. Not sure what I'll do about it though. :) Thanks for your comment, Rick, I appreciate you stopping by. Duncan.

  5. Hey, guys; WG is the testing area for nuclear subs, based out of Nanoose. Gabriola has a history of being part of the peace activism and protests against these subs; also an informal 'WG Yacht Club' (people who would get their vessels on the water to get in their way). Is there really so much acceptance of this now that we just think it's cool to see one? Ouch.
    And, please be aware of the 'active' times if you're out there on the water, for your safety - notifications are on the marine weather loop.

  6. Thanks for your comment, Anon. I admit that I certainly found it "interesting" to observe the submarine - mainly as a "photo op". Having spent 11 years as a chaplain with the Canadian Forces (mainly army), I have seen much passion for peace amongst those (and their families) who are deployed to deeply troubled areas in our world. I share your concern that we become blasé about it all.

    Again, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. D.